From The Sourcing Of Raw Materials To Finished Products.

Fermented Product Partner S.A. (aka FPP) was founded in 2001 in Isnes (Belgium). It is located in the heart of Belgium near Bruxelles (50 km), Charleroi (25 km) and Namur (12 km). FPP is part of THgroup which is a consortium of companies active at all levels in the bioindustry and biotechnology sector, from the sourcing of raw materials, to finished products. The core business of FPP is about the fermentation of a variety of food and feed products. Along the years FPP also developed a range of products in the field of protein isolates and protein hydrolysates. Moreover FPP offers contract manufacturing opportunities in the field of fermentation, drying processes and hydrolysis. Finally, FPP is able to help you or your company in the development of new products.

"FPP is certified by Certysis to produce, transform and sell organic products."

T. Elmejdoub - Director

A Strong Expertise In Hydrolysis, Fermentation And Drying Techniques

We are continuously working on the development of new products and new techniques. So if you want to develop or implement some of your new ideas, carry on feasibility studies or if you are looking to externalize some of your processes, we would be very pleased to discuss more about it with you!


Contract Manufacturing

We offer our expertise in the development and production of innovative food and feed products to other companies. You come to us with a specific request and we come back to you with the desired finished product. It is that simple!


Aromatization Of Concentrates And Hydrolysates

If you are interested in our protein isolates or protein hydrolysates, we are also able to provide you with these same products but aromatized to your taste. We have an open-ended list of flavors ranging from the classic: vanilla, chocolate or strawberry to the more exotic: mushroom, mango-coconut-curry or banana-advocado.



As an expert in drying techniques and especially in spray-drying techniques, we are able to help you by running feasibility studies on your products. Moreover, if you want to expand your drying capacity or externalize that part of the process completely, FPP is able to make it happen.


Products That We're Proud Of


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